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The Little Pig Pen is located in Leitchville, Northern Victoria and is where I breed Australian Miniature Pigs.  The miniature pig has evolved from breeding down the smallest pigs from other breeds of pigs over many years.

I have been breeding miniature pigs since 2009. I started out by purchasing two piglets from another breeder, a sow and a boar.  That sow is now my largest miniature pig. She weighs 70-80kg at her heaviest and is 61cm tall. She has been retired.

To refine and improve my breeding lines, I selectively purchase pigs from the best breeders all over Australia. The miniature pigs that I breed with today are 45-60cm tall and weigh between 40 and 70kg fully grown, at their optimum healthy weight.

My miniature pigs are bred for size and temperament, producing pigs with the sweetest nature, ideal for family pets. Each litter produces piglets in a rainbow of colours, and you never quite know what combination of colours will pop out!

Today, The Little Pig Pen has eight beautiful breeding sows and one adorable boar, each with uniquely funny traits and sweet temperaments. All of them breed beautiful piglets for family pets or as companions for individuals.

Miniature pigs from The Little Pig Pen make the most unique, amazing pets, friends and companions. All of my piglets are well handled and cuddled and quickly settle into their new homes.

Pigs are incredibly intelligent and can be trained very easily. They are also devilishly clever, which can work to your advantage… or disadvantage if its time for their annual checkup! Most miniature pigs love just about everyone… you, your dog or even your cat. It is rare that a pig will have a problem with another family pet, but sometimes the family pet takes a little getting used to the new piglet.

Alyce - The Little Pig Pen

If you like medium sized dogs, but want something unique and full of character, why not look at a miniature pig from The Little Pig Pen? I would love to hear from you to answer all of your questions and discuss whether a miniature pig is right for you.

If you’d like some more information or you’d like to make an enquiry, please feel free to contact me:

Phone: 0448 159 936
Email:  alyce@thelittlepigpen.com.au

Or take a look at The Little Pig Pen Facebook page…

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- Alyce, The Little Pig Pen.