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The Little Pig Pen is located in Leitchville, Northern Victoria and is where we breed Australian Miniature Pigs. We breed these beautiful animals for people and families living on farms or a couple of acres. Where they dream of setting up a boutique hobby farm, or adding to their menagerie, and the perfect pig is what they need. Nothing too big, normal pigs are close to the size of a Shetland Pony, and this might be a bit much for you to handle. A miniature pig from The Little Pig Pen could be just the pig for you! 

Miniature pigs in Australia have evolved from selecting small breeds of pigs and breeding them down over many years. Miniature pigs have come such a long way and been bred down in size dramatically compared to that of their  commercial sized relatives. They are still a relatively new line of pig, and not yet an officially recognised, registered breed of pig. Though it will take many more years of breeding and working on genetics to be able to put a true standard on the Australian Miniature Pigs height, we dedicated breeders have bred beautiful companion size pigs with a much more appealing and adorable body type and short bear like face, for those in love with the idea of owning a pig or pigs but who would like one that will stay a manageable size.

I have been breeding miniature pigs since 2009. I started out by purchasing two piglets from another breeder, a sow and a boar.  That sow is now my largest miniature pig. She weighs around 100kg at her heaviest and is 65cm tall. She has been retired.

For illustration purposes, this is one of our full grown miniature pigs (ruler length: 60cm).

For illustration purposes, this is one of our full grown miniature pigs (ruler length: 60cm).

To refine and improve my breeding lines, I have selectively purchased pigs from the only best breeders all over Australia. The miniature pigs that I breed with today are 55-60cm tall and weigh between 60 and 80kg fully grown, at their optimum healthy weight. About the equivilant to the size of a labrador dog but with more of a solid build. There are no such thing as pigs that will only grow to the size of a pomeranian or staffordshire dog and though they would fit into tea cup when they are born, this is the only time suitable to say they are are tea cup pigs. The reality is, you simply can’t get any pigs that small here in Australia and it is illegal to import pigs from overseas. I do see other “reputable” breeders, many of those who I myself have purchased breeding stock from, advertise some of their pigs as being 50cm and under fully grown, but I personally have not yet come across a fully grown Australian Miniature Pig under 53cm fully grown . But with commercial size pigs measuring from 1.3m tall plus, and weighing a whopping 250-400kg, miniature pigs are truly miniature compared to their regular size relatives.

The Little Pig Pen

All of my current breeding sows and boars have originated from a select few of the top breeders in Australia or have been bred right here at The Little Pig Pen. I focus not just on breeding the smallest miniature pigs but producing pigs with a great temperament and the sweetest natures, ideal for family pets. Each litter producing piglets in a rainbow of colours, and you never quite know what combination of colours will pop out! Today, The Little Pig Pen has eight beautiful breeding sows and two very smoochy boars, each with uniquely funny traits and sweet natures. All of them breeding beautiful piglets for family pets or as companions for individuals.

Miniature pigs from The Little Pig Pen make the most unique, amazing pets, friends and companions. Pigs are incredibly intelligent and can be trained to do great things. But they are also devilishly clever, which can work to your advantage or disadvantage . Before considering a miniature pig for your next addition, you need to understand that like any pet they require a great deal of time and training to become a well fitting member of your family. Being smarter than dogs, they are fully capable of being house trained, walk on harness and lead, and sit on command. Many have even had their new piglets fully toilet trained within just 2 days of joining their family. But a lot of this comes down to your ability and time put into training them. They are very wilful and smart animals, so it won’t take them long to find your weaknesses and soft spots and if they are given an inch, they will run a mile.

The Little Pig Pen

Miniature pigs like many pets are a long term commitment, having a life expectancy of up to 15+ years, but if you think you have a suitable lifestyle for a miniature pig and the time to put into one, you will forever be rewarded by their ability to make to smile and laugh all day long, watching their silly little moments.

While they may not be the most athletic of pets miniature pigs are best suited to families and individuals living on an acre or more or ideally on a farm. They are hugely popular on little hobby farms. Such space is not required so much for exercise but to graze on grass and forage around throughout the day, space to still be a pig. Even if they are also an inside pet. For this reason, and for my piglets’ happiness, I do not sell piglets to people living in apartments or on house blocks of less than one acre.
Most miniature pigs will love just about everyone… you, your dog or even your alpaccas. It is rare that a pig will have a problem with another family pet, but sometimes the other furry family members take a little getting used to the new piglet.

Alyce - The Little Pig Pen

So you like medium sized dogs, but want something more unique and full of character, and have the required space to keep one, why not look at a miniature pig from The Little Pig Pen? I would love to hear from you to answer any of your questions and discuss whether a miniature pig is right for you.

If you’d like some more information or you’d like to make an enquiry, please feel free to contact me:

Phone: 0448 159 936
Email:  alyce@thelittlepigpen.com.au

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– Alyce, The Little Pig Pen.